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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kyoto Seika University to offer 1st graduate course on manga

Kyoto Seika University will offer a graduate course to foster
cartoonists and cartoon researchers in fiscal 2010, the university
announced Tuesday.

It will be the first graduate school on "manga" at a Japanese
university. About 840 students are currently enrolled in the
university's Faculty of Manga, which was established in 2006.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

X JAPAN Avoided Disbanding and New Member Offcially Joined

X JAPAN got over the crisis! The famous Japanese band, X Japan, was in
a trouble because of the bassist HEATH. He announced he was going to
leave X Japan.

But YOSHIKI came back to Japan and talked it over with HEATH.
After the meeting, HEATH changed his mind and said
"I'm really sorry about this mess I made. I'm really apologized about my
selfishness. I regret what I did." He is not getting out of X Japan.
X JAPAN got over the biggest crisis after they got together again.

And here is good news!
Sugizo, who used to be the member of Luna Sea and also was touring with
X Japan as a supporting member, became the offcial member of X JAPAN.

"I will try to feel the spirit of Hide who I really liked and respected as much
as I can. I will let fans feel his spirit as I have tried doing ever since I started
helping X Japan" said SUGIZO.

Wow I thought they would be going to disband again. It was not like I hoped
but I got the feeling they might disband again. But I was totally wrong! lol

And SUGIZO joined X JAPAN that's cool too! It means Luna Sea is never get
together again... well. who knows?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gackt is going to come out in a drama on May 23rd

The official site of Gackt announced he is going to come out in a drama,
Mr. Brain, on May 23rd. But They haven't announced his role yet.

Gackt is gonna act again? and in a drama?
I;m really curious about what kind of role he is gonna act.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Who is the Japanese Fashion Leader who Japense High School Girls Follow?

Oricon, a entertainment magazine, conducted the questionnaire of
" Who is the celebrity you follow as a fashion model" and the woman who
was chosen as the Japanese fashion leader for high school girls is....Namie Amuro! She's been a top singer for a decade in Japan.
But she has been also considered as a fashion model for the decade.
She is absolutely hot!

Becky, who is an entertainer, was in the 2nd place and Karina, who is a fashion model
was in the 3rd place.

A follow up news of SMAP Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's Incident

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who was caught for a drunken nudity, was released.
He had a drug test but any drug wasn't detected from him. Also Police
searched his house but they did'nt seize any drug either.
On the other hand People criticized this police's action.

"He got drunk and did a wrong thing. But it was not that bad as medias
pick on him like this. Also I don't get why Police got into his place with
a search warrant. That's too much he just got drunk too much as
everyone does." says a person on the internet.

He was ordered to stay at home and not to show up on TV for a while.
It seems The members of SMAP understand him and already talked
to him and encouraged him.

Shingo Katori, who is also the member of SMAP, apologized for Tsuyoshi
Kusanagi on TV. Since not only because he is a member of SMAP but also
He's been the best friend of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi since they were kids.

Shingo started aplogizing for him at the beginning of his show.
It took about 2 minutes. In the middle of the aplogy, He lost his words
and his eyes were full of tears. And he said, "If everyone can forgive what
he did, I want him to come back to SMAP as soon as possible."

Actually that was so sweet. I really think they get along with each other.
If everone can forgive? come on! He just got drunk and naked. No BIG DEAL!
The shit media has just picked this thing up as a super big deal. They are damn
losers. I hate them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How old the members of Dir en Grey???

I was browsing on the internet. And I found the question someone asked people
on the internet. " Please tell me how old the members of Dir en Grey are."

The answer was...

Kyo 16/2/1976 31 years old
Kaoru 17/2/1974 33 years old
Die 20/12/1974 33 years old
Toshiya 31/3/1977 30 years old
Shinya 24/2/1978 29 years old

... don't tell me "So what?" lol
I was out of articles to write!

But three of them were born in Feb. What a coincidence!! lol

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Member of The Most Famous Idol Group was Busted!!!!

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who is the member of most famous Japanese idol group
"SMAP", was busted for drunken nudity. Around 2 am in a park in Akasaka
Tokyo, Someone called police because he heard someone was screaming and
making a scene in the park. Police came to the park and found the naked guy and
The guy was Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!! who is the member of SMAP!!
It was reported that the police men asked him what he was doing and Tsuyoshi
Kusanagi yelled " What's wrong with being naked!!"

He is in jail now and during an interrogation.
What's wrong with him? He is a really nice and kind guy. also modest and quiet.
I still can't believe that. Guys! Don't drink too much! Alcohol drives you crazy!